Tariff Classification

Where can I find a Tariff Classification or HS Classification number?

A & A provides full tariff classification consultation services. We are specialized in working with importers large and small to ensure the proper customs tariff is shown on your invoice or NAFTA certifica...

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What is the benefit of applying for an Advance Ruling?

Tariff classification can be very complex for certain goods. The advance ruling ensures that the tariff classification number used is deemed correct by the CBSA. The ruling is binded until it is revoked or amen...

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I've discovered an error in the classification of my goods, however both in incorrect and correct classification are duty free, what should I do?

If the error is revenue neutral, you must adjust your records going forward and file corrections within 90 days of discovery. Those adjustments must cover the past 4 years, or back to when the error occurred (m...

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My vendor sends me kits that I install in shops and items in the kits are sold individually. Why do you keep asking me for the individual components, their origins and values?

If kits are not sold as a complete kit at the retail level, for example, multiple items in a blister package; Customs rules dictate we need to separate the items with their origins and values and classify them ...

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Why is a Brix value required for juice?

Brix value is a measure of sugar percentage in a simple syrup at a fixed temperature(20 c). A high brix value (20 or more) is associated with juice that is more concentrated. A low Brix value indicates a lower ...

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What is considered a cosmetic?

Any substance or mixture of substances, manufactured, sold or represented for use in cleansing, improving or altering the complexion, skin, hair or teeth and includes deodorants and perfumes. This includes cosm...

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What is an HS code?

The Harmonized System is an international numbering system for products and includes 5,000 commodity groups, each containing a six-digit code. The system encompasses over 98 percent of products used in internat...

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What is a tariff?

Tariff is a tax on goods that is imported into Canada classified by the Harmonized System for international trade.

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What is CFIA's definition of aquatic animals?

Finfish, molluscs and crustaceans. This includes live aquatic animals, dead aquatic animal products, germplasm and gametes.

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