Duties and Taxes

What is the difference between a Single Entry Bond (SEB) and Continuous Bond (CB)?

A Single Entry Bond (SEB) can be used for a secure one time importation. The Continuous Bond (CB) covers multiple shipments for one year (usually 10% of duties paid for the last year). You can register for such...

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Can a non resident importer get quota for chicken products in order to import it under the reduced rate of duty?

In order to apply for quota you must be a Canadian company.

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I just received a NAFTA certificate for goods I paid duty on. How far back can we go to request a refund of duty?

We can go back 1 year to request a refund on duty paid shipments .

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What date is the exchange rate based on that is used to calculate my duty?

Exchanged rates are based on the shipped date on the shipment.

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What does DDP mean?

Duty Delivery Paid.

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Can I claim back the brokerage fees at the end of the year on my taxes?

No! If you are a GST registered company, you can claim back the 5% GST that your broker collects from you and claim it back on your taxes at the end of the year, but not the brokerage fees.

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