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What does incoterm DAP mean?

Delivered at place.

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How do I obtain a Canadian Import Permit for Aquatic Animals?

The application for an import permit for the National Aquatic Animal Health Program (NAAHP) , is done on form CFIA/ACIA 5670. Then this form must be submitted to the CFIA Centre of Administration for Permission...

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Canadian Imports of non-susceptible aquatic animals, commercially do they need a Permit?

Imports of non-susceptible aquatic animals do not require an Aquatic Animal Health Import Permit. They must be accompanied by documentation listing: 1. name and address of the exporter 2. name and address of th...

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What do I need to do to obtain a site license with Health Canada?

The following must be submitted for approval: Site Licence Application (SLA) Form; Designated Party Authorization (DPA) form (if applicable); Quality Assurance Report (QAR) form for each building/site prepared...

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